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Letter to DEA, DHS, and HHS on cocaine and methamphetamine


Excerpt: “We are concerned that while the nation, rightly so, is devoting much of its attention and resources to the opioid epidemic, another epidemic—this one involving cocaine and methamphetamine—is on the rise,” the bipartisan Committee leaders wrote in their letters. “We remain committed to advance treatment, improve prevention, protect communities, and bolster efforts to fight deadly illicit drugs like opioids and fentanyl. However, our country’s fight against illicit substances must be multi-faceted and we want to ensure that the appropriate attention and resources are devoted to combat these other substances as well. Accordingly, we seek to better understand how the relevant agencies are monitoring and combating this growing threat.”

Click here to read the letter to DEA.

Click here to read the letter to DHS.

Click here to read the letter to HHS.