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The Fog of Government-Run Health Care


WASHINGTON, DC – Democrats continue to mislead the American people, cloaking their plan for government-run health care under a false banner: “Medicare-for-All.” According to a new poll, Americans understandably have questions about what the signature plank of the Democrat health care agenda means for them.

4 in 5 Americans DO know their taxes increase (by A LOT). But, beyond a tax increase, the fog is thick and key questions remain…What will happen to private insurance (158 million+ Americans would lose it)? What will happen to timely access to quality care (wait times would skyrocket, quality of care would plummet)?

Energy and Commerce GOP Leader Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) said it best, When you expose it for what it is, then they lose their political talking point.” That’s why Republicans will continue to seek answers Americans deserve about how the Democrat goal of a government takeover of our health system will impact their private insurance, family budgets, and control of their care.

Bottom line: It’s time to clear the fog of government-run health care for the American people.

The Health 202: Americans know Medicare-for-all means higher taxes. But otherwise, they’re confused.

There’s one thing Americans understand about Medicare-for-all: It would mean higher taxes.

But they’re otherwise pretty confused about what a single-payer health-care system could mean for them and their families.

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Republicans have a better grasp on what Medicare for All would look like than Democrats do, according to a new Kaiser Family Foundation survey.

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Many Americans have misconceptions about ‘Medicare for All’

Many Americans have fundamental misconceptions about “Medicare for All,” such as believing it would be optional or they could keep their private insurance, new polls find.

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