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Rodgers on Ben Shapiro Show: Defending Free Speech 


Washington, D.C.—Yesterday, Republican Leader for Energy and Commerce Cathy McMorris Rodgers appeared on the Ben Shapiro Show to discuss protecting free speech against government censorship. CLICK HERE or listen to the full interview below.  

Congressional Democrats Censorship Hearing and Efforts to Limit Free Speech 

Free speech is a first amendment right, and [Republicans] believe in the battle of ideas, the competition of ideas, and what [Democrats] did is really indefensible. It was another attempt by the Democrats to censor, to control, bringing cancel culture to Washington, D.C. This is the same script that countries like China use to silence the dialogue that they don’t agree with.  

It’s really un-American. Theyre [using] fear to undermine free speech so that people have no voice. 

Congressional Democrats’ Pressuring Private Companies 

What we see is an abuse of power by these elected representatives. When they are making these demands of private companies. It is their desire to control what people hear, what they see on social media and the news, and ultimately, its their efforts to try to control what people thinkSocialism controls. Free markets and free enterprises create. 

Reconciliation and Biden’s COVID Stimulus Package 

We need to open up safely and securely. What is happening with coronavirus, the fact that we have vaccines today is a tribute to President Trump and the work that was done around Operation Warp Speed... And yet, the Democrats want to move forward with a $1.9 trillion package..its really a payoff to their allies rather than really focusing on what its going to take to open up our schools, get our kids back in school, open up our businesses and get our economy booming again. 

What People do not Understand About HR 1 

It is not for the people at all. This is a federal takeover of our elections We need security. We need election reform. This is the wrong approach and the Republicans were united in our opposition to this legislation. We actually had one Democrat join us in the House. 

Pelosi’s Progressive Agenda and Consolidation of Power 

Nancy Pelosi is only doubling down. She’s just about getting as much of the radical left agenda through the House, through the Senate and on the President’s desk. And everything I see is that she doesn’t even care about her more moderate members... If they lose their reelection that’s the cost of getting these bills onto the President’s desk. 

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