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NEWS / VIDEO: Media Outlets Report on EPA Sending Millions Overseas to Finance Projects Like "Breathe Easy, Jakarta"


Bipartisan Panel Expresses Outrage Over EPA’s Foreign Handouts

THE HILL: House GOP bashes EPA over $100M in foreign grants to battle pollution
House Republicans launched a fresh attack on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week, blasting Administrator Lisa Jackson for setting aside millions of dollars in grants to foreign countries aimed at reducing global pollution.
Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee released…a report…Monday night detailing what they say is nearly $100 million in “foreign handouts” to countries like China, Thailand and Indonesia to support various environmental programs over the last decade.

FOX NEWS: EPA Spent $100M on Foreign Grants in Last Decade, Study Finds
The Environmental Protection Agency has doled out nearly $100 million in grants to foreign groups and governments over the past decade, according to a new congressional report….
The report from Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee shows the pace of foreign grants has quickened under the Obama administration, with $27 million in EPA funds going abroad since early 2009 — not counting projects in…Canada…and…Mexico….
The report said an unknown amount of EPA grant money has also gone overseas “indirectly” via grants to U.S. universities and organizations doing work in other countries….
“At a time of record debt and soaring unemployment here in the…United States, the committee has discovered that EPA has intensified its foreign grants program,” the report said….

HUMAN EVENTS: Team America: World Environmental Police
The House Energy and Commerce Committee has been going through the Environmental Protection Agency’s books, and they found a few wee little line items they would like to ask EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson about…….For example:
$718,000…to help China comply with both the Stockholm and Long Range Transport of Air Pollutants Convention; $700,000…for Thailand to recover methane gas at 12 pig farms; $1,226,841…for the United Nations to promote clean fuels; $150,000…for INTERPOL to combat fraud in carbon trading; $15,000…for Indonesia’s “Breathe Easy, Jakarta” publicity campaign.
And it’s not just Jakarta that can breathe easy, thanks to the incredible (and compulsory) generosity of the American taxpayer!……Poland and Russia scored a cool quarter million dollars apiece to deal with methane emissions, while China got nearly a million dollars in grants to deal with similar issues…….Poland also received $400,000 to develop “a clean-burning alternative fuel resource” to achieve “a significant reduction of methane emissions.”…

House Energy and Commerce Committee leaders are demanding answers from Obama EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson on the agency’s sending millions of taxpayer dollars overseas. Over the past decade, nearly $100 million has been handed out by the EPA to foreign governments and organizations. Committee investigators have discovered that despite soaring unemployment, record deficits, and the looming debt ceiling deadline, the Obama EPA continues to hand out millions of dollars at an alarming rate to dozens of countries including China, Russia, and India as well as international organizations like the United Nations. The Committee has compiled a report detailing 65 foreign grants (excluding Canada and Mexico) totaling more than $27 million that the EPA has handed out since the stimulus was signed into law in February 2009.

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