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Leader Rodgers on Fox News: Speaker Pelosi’s Bill Concedes to China


The America Concedes Act is a missed opportunity to boost American competitiveness. It actively sets America back in our goal to beat China and win the future. It tries to copy China’s own dangerous path of centralized industrial policy and massive government handouts that benefit the ruling party’s political allies. We cannot, and should not even try, to beat the CCP at their own game. 

House Energy and Commerce Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joined Larry Kudlow on Fox Business to discuss Speaker Pelosi’s America Concedes Act which would do more to harm American competitiveness and surrender our economic leadership to China. 

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“I know that Democrats want to say this is a competitive bill, but it’s taking a page out of China’s playbook. It’s trying to outspend China. China has a centralized, industrial policy. China picks winners and losers based upon political allies.  

“[Pelosi’s bill] is a similar type of approach, rather than focusing on what it would take to really make America competitive. If anything, this bill would make things worse. I think it can be more accurately described as an America concedes bill.  

“And although the Democrats continue to say this is about competitiveness, this is about China, the White House when they issued their statement of support didn’t mention the word ‘China.’ Neither did Speaker Pelosi. The bill itself mentions the word ‘coral’ more than ‘China.’  

“So [this bill] really is more spending—at least $325 billion—rather than focusing on the underlying issues that need to be addressed around permitting, around the regulatory climate in the United States, around increasing costs that are being driven by this Administration’s policies, inflation… Those are the issues that need to be addressing to make us competitive.” – Leader Rodgers 

CLICK HERE to read her opposition remarks in front of the House Rules Committee. 

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