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Leader Rodgers on Fox Business: “It is Time to Flip the Switch on American Energy and Beat Putin”


Rather than address the energy crisis here at home, Democrats are doubling down on emboldening Vladimir Putin to expand Russia’s stranglehold over Europe’s energy economy. The Biden Administration gave the green light to Russian energy with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, while at the same time shutting down American energy and forcing sky-high costs on American families. 

Today, House Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joined David Asman on Fox Business’ Cavuto: Coast to Coast to discuss rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine and how harmful energy policies from the Biden Administration have emboldened Putin.  

WATCH Leader Rodgers on FOX BUSINESS below. ↓  

KEY EXCERPTS from Leader Rodgers: 

“This is a concern that we would be drawn into a conflict due to Putin’s aggression in Ukraine.” 

“America has been shutting down American energy [and] that has only benefitted Putin and emboldened him to take more action. Since Biden took office, we’ve been shutting down American energy, shutting down our pipelines, becoming more dependent even on Russian oil and natural gas here in the United States, as well as Europe becoming more dependent on Putin.” 

“It is time for us to flip this switch and say yes to American energy which would help push back Putin and help save our precious men and woman who are in the military.”  

CLICK HERE to read Leader Rodgers’ response to President Biden’s remarks on the Ukraine-Russia crisis earlier this week.  

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