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ICYMI: Walden Talks CARES Act, COVID-19 on Mornings with Maria


Washington, DC – Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Greg Walden (R-OR) joined Mornings with Maria with Maria Bartiromo along with Representative Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) to discuss the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and Congress’ efforts to provide relief during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Click here or on the above image to watch the full interview.

WATCH -> Rep. Walden on the need to get this passed

“This is a point where we all need to come together, voice vote this across the House floor, and get this needed relief to Americans – to our health care workers, to our seniors, to those who have been laid off, to those who are struggling with their small business trying to figure out how to get their cash flow going and reestablish their business relationships when we get past this […] hopefully together we can get this done.”

WATCH -> Rep. Walden on funding for agencies in short-term

“Well certainly all those agencies are directly on the front lines, of both directly getting the aid out to people who need it, whether that’s through the tax code you have to have the IRS involved, if it’s NIH you want a cure, you want a vaccine, that’s where it’s done. We put $100 million into the Department of Energy so that we can have our engineers, our scientists, our innovators access to the highest-speed computers in the world to help find a cure quicker. It all adds up, and by the way – this is short-term. There are sunsets involved in virtually all of this. We’re not trying to grow government for the permanent; we’re trying to find a solution for the present. I think this bill goes a long way to doing that.”

WATCH -> Rep. Walden on progress made so far, what’s next

“I want to congratulate the President and Steven Mnuchin. They have worked overtime; they’ve been diligent; they’ve been in the lead on this; and they have really helped the country move forward. As for a 4th package, let’s see how this one goes, but let’s focus on some other things. How do we get supply chain resiliency in the manufacturing of our antibiotics and drugs? How do we secure America better for future pandemics? That’s what I would like us to take a longer-term look at, the restructuring needs to be done. Dr. Hahn at FDA and other leaders have waived rules and regulations we should have gotten rid of years ago to allow innovators and all of America to do what they’re doing now. It doesn’t take a pandemic to do that.”

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