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ICYMI: House E&C Republicans: Vive La Huawei Phase Out!


Washington, DC – This week, France announced plans to phase out equipment by Chinese telecommunications provider Huawei from its networks, marking the latest action in a growing global sentiment to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable as it stops at nothing to become the world’s economic leader by 2049.

As the United States continues to take steps to ensure leadership in wireless and emerging technologies – and show bad actors like China there will be consequences for bad behavior – other countries have taken notice and followed suit. Last week, the United Kingdom announced it would ban Huawei from its networks.

Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Greg Walden (R-OR), Communications and Technology Subcommittee Republican Leader Bob Latta (R-OH), Consumer Protection and Commerce Subcommittee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), and Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Republican Leader Brett Guthrie (R-KY) praised last week’s action by the U.K. and this week’s decision from France.

“China will do whatever it takes to dominate the world’s economy and suppress human rights. Freedom-loving nations must work together to protect our communications networks from foreign infiltration, secure our supply chains, and ensure leadership in emerging and wireless technologies,” the leaders said.

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Multichannel News

House E&C Republicans: Vive La Huawei Phase Out

By John Eggerton

July 23, 2020

The House Energy & Commerce Committee Republican leaders are applauding the decision by France to phase Chinese telecom Huawei out of its networks.

That follows the decision by the UK a couple of weeks ago to do the same. The U.S. has been working on scrubbing Huawei out of its networks as a national security threat and has been urging others to do the same.

“The decision by France to phase out Huawei from its networks is welcome news,” they said. “We look forward to working with our allies on our other shared security goals.”

The “they” are E&C ranking member Greg Walden (R-Ore.), Communications Subcommittee ranking member Bob Latta (R-Ohio), Consumer Protection Subcommittee ranking member Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.), and Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee ranking member Brett Guthrie (R-Ky.).

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