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Crime is Surging. What you Need to Know about the PFAS Action Act and the Police.


The House JUST began debate on the PFAS Action Act. It’s a de facto ban on many products, including protective equipment to keep police officers and the military safe. 

Democrat cities across the country have sought to defund the police for over a year. Now in cities across America, violent crime is surging. 

What you need to know: Our law enforcement and military should not be put in danger because the chemicals necessary to keep them safe are a casualty of the PFAS Action Act.  

Don’t miss today when Rep. Dan Crenshaw asks Democrats to stand up for the police and make sure they have the equipment they need to keep us safe. Will they agree? 



More from Energy and Commerce Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers:  

Like it or not, some PFAS chemicals have specific properties that aren’t easily addressed with other chemical types – like stability and water, oil, stain, and heat resistance.

“This makes them crucial in making semiconductors, polymers for lithium ion batteries in electric vehicles, solar panels and wind turbine parts, medical devices and drugs, and protection gear for our military and law enforcement. 

“This bill intentionally creates a hostile environment for their manufacture and use.  It will create a de facto ban in the marketplace and a boon for trial lawyers. 


“Given the compliance costs, the sidelining of investment, the endless liability under CERCLA, tort lawsuits, and the inability to make or finance safer replacement chemicals and products, it’s not hard to see how H.R. 2467 creates a de facto ban on 9,252 chemicals.  And it threatens the viability of every industry that needs these chemicals and products that benefit society. 

“This bill essentially bans the materials that are necessary for America to win the future. That includes protective gear for law enforcement at a time when violent crime is surging in America.”