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The U.S. Needs a National Privacy Standard, not a Patchwork of Conflicting and Confusing State Laws


Americans are sharing more of their personal information online than ever before, which is why it is time for a national privacy standard. We need clear rules of the road to ensure Americans the same data protections wherever they go. Privacy does not end at state lines and Americans deserve better than a patchwork of different and conflicting state laws. 

Yesterday, Energy and Commerce Republicans unveiled a comprehensive legislative framework that establishes one national privacy standard to protect Americans and sets clear rules for consumer privacy and data security in the U.S. 

Here is what industry experts and top voices in privacy are saying about the Energy and Commerce Republicans’ new privacy framework. 

Privacy for America 

The App Association

Jason OxmanPresident and CEO, Information Technology Industry Council 

Craig Albright, Vice President, Legislative Strategy at BSA

Jordan Crenshaw, VP, Chamber Technology Engagement Center, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Jeff Joseph, President and CEO, Software and Information Industry Association 

Carl Holshouser, Senior Vice President, TechNet 

Consumer Tech Association


Business Roundtable

K. Dane Snowden, President and CEO, Internet Association

Maureen Ohlhausen, former FTC Commissioner, former Acting FTC Chair, Lead, 21st Century Privacy Coalition Co-chair

Every Republican Member of our Consumer Protection and Commerce Subcommittee will be leading on our solutions to protect people’s privacy. Here is what they’re saying about the bill.