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The Pelosi Prescription


#FewerCures for Patients Counting on American Innovation

WASHINGTON, DC – No more hearings. No subcommittee markup. No answers to critical questions. When you dive into the details of the partisan Pelosi plan, it’s no wonder the Speaker does not want regular order (even though we were promised it).

The Pelosi prescription means fewer cures for patients who count on American innovation for hope. Estimates from the rushed, partial CBO score find that Pelosi’s plan will reduce the number of new cures for patients – up to 15 new drugs will be lost. What if one of those new drugs is a cure to Alzheimer’s?

But that estimate is incomplete. What if the actual number of new drugs lost is ten times that estimate? What will be the effect of the 95% tax on cures for American families? We don’t know the answer to those questions. Why are we moving forward without those answers?

Unfortunately, we’ve seen this movie before

  • In May, the Energy and Commerce Committee advanced bipartisan legislation to lower drug prices – such as the CREATES Act and pay-for-delay – only to have Speaker Pelosi pollute these bipartisan bills with poison pills on the House floor.
  • Since May, Republicans and Democrats have been working on a bipartisan proposal to modernize Medicare Part D to lower drug costs for seniors. Those negotiations were upended when Speaker Pelosi’s plan was introduced last month.

The headlines speak for themselves

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The Energy and Commerce Committee has proven time and time again that bipartisan progress is possible on this issue, passing legislation into law to bring more generic drugs to market – which increases competition and brings down costs, develop the newest cures and treatments sooner, and reduce drug costs for seniors.

What happens when we work together?

Once again, the headlines speak for themselves

Bottom Line: We could pass bipartisan legislation into law right now to lower drug costs for Americans desperately in need. Democrats are doing everything in their power to ensure that doesn’t happen, upending a history of regular order and progress along the way.

That’s what you get when you put politics over progress – fewer cures and broken promises.

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