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Republicans Push for U.S. to Lead in Critical and Emerging Technologies


President Trump recently unveiled his “National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies” to outline how the United States will continue to lead in fields like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, autonomous systems, and more.

This strategy falls in line with many of the initiatives put forth by E&C Republicans this Congress to lead in emerging technologies, autonomous vehicles, communications networks, energy innovation, and more. Here are the highlights:

  • Emerging Technologies
    • In May, Walden and Rodgers announced E&C Republicans’ emerging tech agenda. Last month, the House passed the bipartisan American COMPETE Act The bipartisan bill, led by Rodgers and Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL), included many measures included in the emerging tech agenda. Read more about E&C Republicans’ work to ensure American leadership in emerging technologies here.
  • Autonomous vehicles
    • The SELF DRIVE Act(H.R. 8350), led by Communications and Technology Subcommittee Republican Leader Bob Latta (R-OH), would ensure America leads the world in the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles by creating a much-needed federal framework to promote innovation and provide certainty for manufacturers. Latta also introduced the SELF DRIVE Act in the 115th Congress. It passed out of the Energy and Commerce Committee unanimously on July 27, 2017 and out of the House unanimously on September 6, 2017.
  • Communications networks
    • E&C Republicans’ broadband infrastructure agenda, unveiled earlier this year, includes 26 bills to help deploy broadband infrastructure, streamline permitting processes, and alleviate other barriers hindering communities from being connected and accessing broadband services.
    • The Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act was signed into law this year so that our nation’s communications networks can be more secure. This bipartisan E&Ceffort will help small, rural providers rip and replace Huawei and other suspect communications equipment.
    • The USA Telecommunications Act of 2020is a bipartisan E&C-led bill to help promote and accelerate the deployment and use of open interfaced, standards-based, and interoperable 5G networks throughout the United States. This bill is led by Energy and Commerce Committee Congressman Brett Guthrie (R-KY), Committee Chairman Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ), Rep. Walden, and Congresswoman Doris Matsui (D-CA).
  • Energy innovation
    • E&C Republicans energy infrastructure agenda announced in June includes several initiatives to strengthen U.S. energy security, promote clean energy, and cut red tape hindering innovation.
    • Communications and Technology Subcommittee Republican Leader Bob Latta (R-OH) and Rep. Jeff Duncan also introduced two bills to strengthen domestic nuclear fuel supply and accelerate nuclear reactor licensing.

E&C Republicans will continue to put forth policies that promote U.S. leadership in these technologies that will define our future economy, national security, and way of life as we know it. Sign up to receive the latest updates from E&C Republicans, here.