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President's Silence on Entitlement Reform is Deafening


The USA Today editorialized yesterday, “History shows that presidential leadership is an indispensable factor in any serious attempt to get the federal budget under control.” Unfortunately, instead of demonstrating that leadership with a serious proposal to get our fiscal house in order, President Obama has just proposed a budget that leaves our nation with a record-level deficit for the fourth year in a row. Trillion-dollar deficits have become so commonplace that these eye-popping figures that were once an attention-grabbing headline are now merely a fiscal footnote.

The lack of leadership is particularly glaring when it comes to entitlement reform and proposals to address head-on the health care cost crisis. This year’s 256-page budget is notably silent on substantive entitlement program reforms, allowing them to careen toward insolvency. This silence speaks volumes, particularly because just last year, the president admitted that without reform, entitlement programs would “consume just about every aspect of our federal budget.”

News outlets across the country took notice:

The Kansas City Star: “it maintains a decade of red ink while putting off until after the election-at the earliest-any detailed proposals to fix long-term problems in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.”

USA Today Editorial: as long as “Democrats balk on entitlement reform, the deficit will pile up.”

Wall Street Journal Editorial: “His budget also proposes no meaningful reforms in entitlements, which are the fastest growing part of the budget and will grow faster once ObamaCare really kicks in.”

Savannah Morning News Editorial: “he is taking the easy way out.”

Meanwhile, House Republicans continue to push for solutions that jumpstart our economy today, protect our seniors tomorrow, and restore a responsible budget to build a prosperous economy for future generations.