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ICYMI: Leader Rodgers Calls for a National Autonomous Vehicle Framework


America is leading the world in innovation, home to the most advanced AV companies on the planet. This technology has the potential to drastically improve the safety of our roads, transform the lives of seniors and people living with disabilities, and stimulate our economy by creating countless jobs here in America.  

However, we still trail other countries with our lack of a national approach and no viable path to deployment. China is moving full steam ahead and has already established a roadmap to deploy AVs throughout China, thus securing its own supply chains. If Congress is further delayed by trial lawyers and the Teamsters, we will cede this lifesaving technology to China and the transformational powers will be determined by our adversaries. 

In a recent interview with Axios, House Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) discussed the need for Congress to develop an AV framework, and how the Senate infrastructure Bill is a huge missed opportunity for securing America’s leadership in AVs. 

Highlights from the interview: 


Leader Rodgers: “The infrastructure package that is before Congress right now would have been the perfect opportunity to provide the certainty, as well as the flexibility, to the developers to advance this transformative lifesaving technology for the American people. 


“I believe that this is a missed opportunity. I’ve been beating the drum both in committee and on the floor as we work through this infrastructure package. But it is disappointing right now that some are walking away at the very time that we should be leading.” 


Leader Rodgers: “NHTSA needs to be doing more in this space… There needs to be more rules around how we move and how we continue to take these steps, but keep our roads safe.” 

CLICK HERE to watch the full Interview. 

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Note: The Axios interview with Leader Rodgers was pre-taped on October 1, 2021. 

Last month, House Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans wrote to Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg urging the Administration to protect America’s competitive edge in AVs and address recent and concerning reports regarding China-based technology company Huawei’s growing access to the U.S. semiconductor technology. We have yet to receive a response to our letter.