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For People like Khrystal and her son Hunter


We Must Stop Speaker Pelosi’s Socialist Price Control Scheme

Hunter Davis just turned 10 years old. It’s a remarkable milestone birthday that his doctors never dreamed he would reach after they diagnosed him shortly after birth with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). As Khrystal, his mom, told the House Energy and Commerce Committee: 

“[Doctors] instructed us to take Hunter home and enjoy what time we had left with him, which they expected to be about three months. 

We could not afford to follow the advice of the doctors who diagnosed Hunter. The stakes were just too high. We had to try to save our sweet baby.” 

At just 8-weeks old, Hunter became the first SMA patient to receive a breakthrough treatment that saved his life. Today, Khrystal is a fearless advocate for families just like hers—families who are in desperate need of hope for lifesaving treatments and cures of rare diseases. 

She is speaking out against Speaker Pelosi’s socialist drug pricing scheme, H.R. 3. It would mean less innovation, fewer cures, and no hope. 

This is Khrystal’s story and why she’ll “never stop opposing H.R. 3:” 

“We have unconditional love for our children, and we refuse to give up on them. We value them. We value every breath they take, and we dare not take a single breath for granted.” 

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