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Democrats’ Build More Inflation Act Advances Dangerous DEFUND THE POLICE and CRT Agendas


BREAKING: Democrats are advancing their radical, extreme DEFUND THE POLICE and CRT in Speaker Pelosi’s grand socialist agenda called the Build More Inflation Act. Their tax and spending spree won’t just make inflation worse and make families stretch their budgets even further. Their wish list of liberal spending also pushes their radical agenda to transform America.

POLICE: Crime rates are surging—and Democrats across the country want to DEFUND THE POLICE. They refuse to stand up to radical extremists disrespecting our law enforcement and making our communities less safe.

Tonight, Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH) introduced an amendment that prohibits Next-Generation 9-1-1 funds from going to entities that have supported efforts to defund or eliminate law enforcement. Every single Democrat voted against his amendment and in support of defunding the police.

SCHOOLS: Democrats are partnering with teachers’ unions across the country to spread racist, divisive Critical Race Theory ideology in our schools and to our children. Yet Democrats want to continue spending billions in giveaways to teachers’ unions through the Emergency Connectivity Fund, which will keep children at home and out of the classroom.

Tonight, Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) introduced an amendment prohibiting Emergency Connectivity Funds from going to schools that teach CRT. Every single Democrat voted to continue subsidizing schools that teach this racist, un-American ideology to our children.

WATCH LIVE: The Democrats’ markup of their Build More Inflation Act.