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Chorus of Support for #Cures2015 Continues to Build


The 21st Century Cures initiative will continue this week with the goal of delivering the hope of #Cures2015 by the end of this year. Throughout a year’s worth of roundtables, hearings, and engagement, the committee repeatedly heard that patients can no longer wait. The time for cures is now.

Collaborative and bipartisan from the start, 21st Century Cures has paved a new path to bring hope to patients and families across the country. Support for the initiative continued to build upon release of the bipartisan discussion draft in late April, and patient advocates and leaders in the health care space have continued to express their support in recent weeks.

Ellen Sigal, Chair and Founder of Friends of Cancer Research:

“Through the exceptional leadership of Rep. Upton and Rep. DeGette, the tireless work of the Energy and Commerce Committee staff, and a robust dialogue with researches, FDA, NIH, advocates and industry, this legislative draft is taking significant steps toward creating a strong foundation to spur innovation.”

US Against Alzheimer’s:

“The latest draft reflects the tremendous commitment both of you have to developing this initiative in a bipartisan manner. You, your colleagues and staff members should be applauded for the amount of work expended over the past few months to refine and improve the concepts included in the discussion draft and produce this comprehensive draft legislation.”


“We commend you for this important effort to improve the delivery of health care to patients.”

United for Medical Research, which includes dozens of coalition partners including patient groups, universities, and other industry leaders listed online here:

“We are grateful for the leadership of Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) and Representative Diana DeGette (D-CO) and the tremendous effort that they and the other members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee have committed to the process of developing meaningful legislation on NIH funding and policy.”

Leading the Fight to End Duchenne:

“This comprehensive, thoughtful and bipartisan initiative to examine and update our national research and development infrastructure comes at such an important time to our community as life-altering new therapies for Duchenne are now closer than ever before.”

Coalition for Pediatric Medical Research and FightSMA:

“Thank you for your continued support of pediatric medical research…”

Join the chorus of support on social media using #Cures2015 and stay up to date on the latest with 21st Century Cures online here.