Can’t Keep Your Doctor?


WASHINGTON, DC– Over half of the Democrats serving in the U.S. House and one-third of Senate Democrats have endorsed a government-run health care system, inappropriately named “Medicare-for-All”. National Democrats also are championing this flawed policy.

As a reminder, government-run, one-size-fits-all health care means you will pay more, to wait longer, for worse care. It will:

  • cost $32 trillion – a number so massive that doubling taxes on every person and business in America would not cover the bill
  • end private insurance – employer and union sponsored health care gone – forcing these 158 million Americans into a one-size-fits-all government-run plan

This is not right or fair, but now we have two top Democrats – one a Medicare for All champion and another an Obamacare author, with a public buy-in option, BOTH unable to promise that if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

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Washington Examiner: Bernie Sanders can’t say whether you’ll keep your doctor under Medicare for All

While Sanders routinely cites Canada’s system as a model, even America’s neighbors up north often purchase private healthcare plans to help supplement the costs of things like prescription drugs. Under Sanders’ plan, private health insurance would be effectively eliminated, whereas in Canada, all healthcare coverage is distributed through private providers. 


Washington Examiner: Biden won’t promise Americans they’ll keep their doctor under his healthcare plan

Joe Biden struggled to answer whether he could promise the American people that they could keep their doctors under his healthcare proposal. 

“Well look, I can’t promise…”

Unbelievable. The madness of this race to the left has real world impacts for tens of millions of Americans.

Remember, as The Washington Post reported last week “Democrats in swing districts are increasingly worried that the outspoken embrace of Medicare-for-all by Bernie Sanders and other top Democratic presidential hopefuls could hurt their chances of keeping the House in 2020.”

This is a shrewd political calculus and deeply insensitive – dismissing the real human impact a “solution” like Medicare for All would have on Americans.

Bottom line: You will hear a lot of other terms, but whether it’s Medicare for All or seemingly less aggressive proposals such as “Medicare for America,” “Medicare Buy-In,” “Medicare Extra,” or a so-called “Public Option,” the Democrats are hiding their true intentions in plain sight: a complete government takeover of our nation’s health care.

These proposals are all political tactics to move us closer to the Democrats’ ultimate goal: forcing everyone into a single, government-run system.


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