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Biden Drained SPR by 40 Percent in Less Than Two Years


He’s Depleted the SPR More Than Every President Combined 

Since day one in office, President Biden has waged war on American fossil energy. This has led to 40-year high inflation and made everyday life more expensive for people across the board—from the gas pump to the grocery store. 

To cover up his failed “rush-to-green” agenda, President Biden is depleting our Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). He has sold off more than 200 million barrels—nearly 40 percent of the stockpile—while in office. This is more than all the U.S. presidents in history combined. 

As a result, the SPR is now at its lowest level since 1984 – and the administration has no plan to refill it. This morning, his administration announced an additional 15 million barrels would be drained from the SPR to bailout Democrats ahead of the midterms, further surrendering both our energy security and national security to countries like Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. 

BOTTOM LINE: President Biden is depleting our strategic reserves at a record rate. We’re going to run dangerously low—and be unprepared for a true emergency—if his reckless actions continue.  

🚨 If President Biden was serious about lowering prices across the board—and not just interested in an election year gimmick—he would work with Republicans on solutions to flip the switch for more American energy production.  

House Republicans on Energy and Commerce have sounded the alarm for months on the administration’s misuse of the Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR), including introducing legislation to reverse course on Biden’s energy crisis. House Democrats have blocked EVERY SINGLE BILL. Here’s the proof:  

In November 2021, after President Biden released 50 million barrels of crude from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves, E&C Republicans urged Biden to work with American energy producers to boost production here – not beg OPEC to pump more oil or coordinate with China on releasing strategic reserves. 

In December 2021, E&C Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers introduced a bill to require the Secretary of Energy to develop a plan to increase oil and gas production on Federal lands if the president uses our country’s SPR for non-emergency reasons. Democrats blocked it – doubling down on high gas prices and President Biden’s energy crisis.  

In February 2022, Republican Leaders Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Bruce Westerman introduced the American Independence from Russia Act which flips the switch to unleash American energy production. It immediately approves the Keystone XL pipeline, removes all restrictions on U.S. LNG exports, restarts oil and gas leasing on our federal lands and offshore waters, and requires DOE to make a plan to replace drawn down oil from the SPR. 

To date, House Democrats have BLOCKED the American Energy Independence from Russia Act SIX TIMES. 

In June 2022, E&C Republican Leaders Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Fred Upton sent a letter to Secretary Granholm demanding answers for the how the administration “is rapidly depleting the nation’s petroleum reserves ahead of elections in November, while failing to establish long-term plans” to replenish the reserves. 

We received no reply from Secretary Granholm. 

In July 2022, House Republicans demanded answers from the administration as to why our emergency energy reserves were being sent to foreign adversaries like the Chinese Communist Party, compromising our energy security and national security. 

Also in July 2022, Democrats blocked E&C Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ amendment, introduced by Rep. Jeff Duncan, to stop the Biden administration from selling our strategic energy reserves to China. Democrats would rather send our reserves to communist dictatorships than keep America powered during emergencies. 

In September 2022, E&C Republicans led a resolution of inquiry to hold the Biden administration for draining our SPR, jeopardizing our national security and energy security. E&C Democrats BLOCKED our efforts to hold the Biden administration accountable. 

Today, E&C Republican Leader Cathy McMorris Rodgers called out the Biden administration’s plans to further drain our strategic reserves. Key excerpt: “Instead of using the SPR for political bailout and empowering America’s adversaries, President Biden should end his war on American energy and join Republican efforts to reclaim our energy dominance.” 

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