9 Cool #’s to Know on Yucca Mountain


WASHINGTON, DC – A bipartisan group of Congressional members recently visited Yucca Mountain, the location deep in the Nevada desert where scientists say is the safest place to store nuclear waste.

Last July, then-Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) also led a bipartisan delegation of Energy and Commerce Committee members to Yucca Mountain to learn firsthand about the repository and how it presents the best solution to America’s nuclear waste problem.

In the 115th Congress, the House passed the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act (NWPAA), authored by Rep. John Shimkus, by an overwhelming 340-72 vote. The NWPAA would restart the long-stalled process of licensing the repository at Yucca Mountain.

As the members will tell you, Nevada is HOT this time of year. To save you from the heat of an August desert trip, here are nine cool numbers to know on Yucca Mountain, NWPAA, and the problem of nuclear waste:

1 million – The number of years science tells us nuclear waste can be safely stored in Yucca Mountain.

2002 – The year Congress designated Yucca Mountain as the site for the development of the nation’s first permanent repository.

39 – The number of states across the country where nuclear waste sits idle.

49-4 – The overwhelming bipartisan vote count when Energy and Commerce advanced NWPAA.

5 – The number of volumes of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s independent, 1,928-page safety evaluation of Yucca Mountain.

60’s – Since that decade the U.S. has been safely transporting spent nuclear fuel without radioactive material being harmfully released. (pg 12)

75 – The number of miles that millions in the U.S. live from temporary storage of radioactive waste. (pg 5)

8 – The number of national labs that have worked on the project for Yucca Mountain. (pg 1)

90 – The number of miles between Yucca Mountain and a major population center. (pg 1)