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7 for 7


WASHINGTON, DC – Democrats could work with Republicans right now on commonsense, bipartisan solutions to tackle climate change. Regrettably, a seven-hour, televised parade of the most radical ideas from 2020 Democrats is taking priority over serious policy to continue emissions reductions, boost clean energy, and protect America’s economy and workers.

Bipartisan progress on climate change has taken a back seat as Democrats race to embrace the Green New Deal. Maybe that’s why, as E&E News reported, “House Democrats have little to show on climate.”

Under Republican leadership, the Energy and Commerce Committee held hearings and passed legislation to protect clean air, clean water, and clean land, boost nuclear energy and clean up nuclear waste. We want that bipartisan progress to continue.

Instead of seven hours of grandstanding, here are seven bills Democrats could work with Republicans to pass into law to reduce emissions, promote clean energy, and conserve our natural resources:

  1. USE IT Act – Promotes the development of carbon capture and utilization projects.
  2. Resilient Federal Forests Act – Reduces wildfire risk through active forest management.
  3. Nuclear Energy Leadership Act – Promotes advanced nuclear energy technology.
  4. Energy Savings Through Private-Public Partnerships Act – Promotes efficient energy use within the federal government, which saves taxpayer dollars.
  5. New Source Review Permitting Reform – Removes hurdles to energy efficiency improvements.
  6. Small Scale LNG Access Act – Encourages the development and use of American natural gas.
  7. LEADING Act – Boosts R&D for carbon capture technology for natural gas projects.