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Biden is Making This Thanksgiving the Most Expensive Ever


Meet Susan Miner.

She’s the owner of a family-owned and operated turkey farm in Pennsylvania. Susan says that surging fuel prices are making everything more expensive. This is hurting her business and forcing her to raise turkey prices more than any other time since 1954.

“The stress level is way up. The feed prices are way up,” Susan said. 40-year high inflation and surging energy costs isn’t just hurting Susan and her families’ livelihood — it’s hurting hardworking Americans across the entire country.

Thanksgiving will be a lot more expensive this year thanks to President Biden’s inflation crisis driven by his reckless government spending and war on American energy. Here’s what it means for families at the grocery store:

  • Turkeys are up 23%
  • Pumpkin pie mix is up 26.3%
  • Milk is up 24.7%
  • One pound of carrots and celery is up 20.5%
  • Dinner rolls are up 40.2%
  • Pie shells are up 52.1%
  • Green peas are up 30.1%
  • Whipped cream is up 28.7%
  • Sweet potatoes are up 15.1%
  • Cubed stuffing is up 38.1%

Energy costs have skyrocketed due to President Biden’s war on American energy and this is making life unaffordable for Americans.

  • The retail price of diesel alone in the U.S. has risen from a national average of $3.50 per gallon at the beginning of 2022 to $5.30 per gallon now, and there has been little relief since then.
  • Natural gas has surged to a 14-year high and will get more expensive with the Democrats’ new natural gas tax.
  • Fertilizer prices for farmers have surged 80% last year alone and have risen nearly 30% in 2022.
  • Gas prices are up more than a dollar from when President Biden took office.
  • U.S. inventories of distillate fuel — used in diesel, jet fuel, and heating oil — are at the lowest level since 2008. Some regions are experiencing inventory lows not seen since the 1950s.
  • President Biden has leased the fewest acres of federal lands for oil and gas drilling under an administration since Harry Truman was president.
  • The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is at its lowest level in nearly 40 years after President Biden drained it for non-emergency reasons.

To lower the price of everything — including Thanksgiving dinner — we need to flip the switch on American energy. This is how we bring down the cost of living, improve people’s quality of life, boost our energy security, and reduce emissions.

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