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April 05

Communities in Need: Legislation to Support Mental Health and Well-Being

2123 Rayburn, 6:15am


H.R. 2376, the “Excellence in Recovery Housing Act”

H.R. 2929, the “Virtual Peer Support Act”

H.R. 4251“Native Behavioral Health Access Improvement Act of 2021”

H.R. 4944“Helping Kids Cope Act of 2021”

H.R. 5218, the “Collaborate in an Orderly and Cohesive Manner”

H.R. 7073, the “Into the Light for Maternal Mental Health Act”

H.R. 7076, the “Supporting Children’s Mental Health Care Access Act of 2022”

H.R. 7232, the “9–8–8 and Parity Assistance Act of 2022”

H.R. 7233, the “Keeping Incarceration Discharges Streamlined for Children and Accommodating Resources in Education Act” or the “KIDS CARES Act”

H.R. 7234, the “Summer Barrow Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Act”

H.R. 7235, the “Substance Use Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Services Block Grant Act of 2022” 

H.R. 7236, the “Strengthen Kids’ Mental Health Now Act of 2022”

H.R. 7237, the “Reauthorizing Evidence-based and Crisis Help Initiatives Needed to Generate Improved Mental Health Outcomes for Patients Act of 2022” or the “REACHING Improved Mental Health Outcomes for Patients Act of 2022”

H.R. 7238, the “Timely Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder Act of 2022” 

H.R. 7241, the “Community Mental Health Services Block Grant Reauthorization Act”

H.R. 7248, the “Continuing Systems of Care for Children Act”

H.R. 7249, the “Anna Westin Legacy Act of 2022”

H.R. 7254, the “Mental Health Justice and Parity Act of 2022” 

H.R. 7255, the “Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Reauthorization Act”

Health · Health (117th Congress)