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March 17

The Future of Medicine: Legislation to Encourage Innovation and Improve Oversight

2123 Rayburn, Hybrid Hearing, 10:30am



H.R. 1730, the “Speeding Therapy Access Today Act of 2021”

H.R. 2565, the “FDA Modernization Act of 2021” 

H.R. 3085, the “Equity in Neuroscience and Alzheimer’s Clinical Trials Act of 2021” or the “ENACT Act of 2021”

H.R. 3927, the “Manufacturing API, Drugs, and Excipients in America Act” or the “MADE in America Act”

H.R. 4472, the “Better Empowerment Now to Enhance Framework and Improve Treatments Act of 2021” or the “BENEFIT Act of 2021”

H.R. 4511, the “FDA Advancing Collection of Transformative Science Act” or the “FACTS Act”

H.R. 5030, the “Diversifying Investigations Via Equitable Research Studies for Everyone Trials Act” or the “DIVERSE Trials Act”

H.R. 5566, the “Finding Orphan-disease Remedies With Antifungal Research and Development Act of 2021” or the “FORWARD Act of 2021”

H.R. 5585, the “Advanced Research Project Agency–Health Act” or the “ARPA-H Act”

H.R. 6000, the “Cures 2.0 Act”

H.R. 6584, the “Diverse and Equitable Participation in Clinical Trials Act” or the “DEPICT Act”

H.R. 6888, the “Helping Experts Accelerate Rare Treatments Act of 2022”

H.R. 6963, the “Accelerated Approval Integrity Act of 2022”

H.R. 6972, the “Give Kids a Chance Act”

H.R. 6973, the “Enhanced Access to Affordable Medicines Act”

H.R. 6988, the “Drug Manufacturing Innovation Act” 

H.R. 6996, the “Accelerating Access for Patients Act”

H.R. 7006, the “Improving the Nation’s Safe Pharmaceuticals and Excipients by Creating Tools for Inspecting and Overseeing Needed Supplies Act” or the “INSPECTIONS Act”

H.R. 7008, the “Pre-Approval Information Exchange Act”

H.R. 7032, the “Increasing Transparency in Generic Drug Applications Act”

H.R. 7035, the “Biologics Market Transparency Act”

H.R. 7047, a bill to amend title III of the Public Health Service Act with respect to the determination by the Secretary regarding certain biosimilar application elements, and for other purposes

Health · Health (117th Congress)